Wordless Wednesday

Pistaccio Fall

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  1. A pistachio tree, you say? It sounds ridiculous, but I never realised pistachio nuts grew on trees – I assumed ground-covering shrubbery, for some reason. o_O

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    • Yes the nuts do grow on trees and this tree is a Chinese pistache. These don’t produce the nuts and the ones around here don’t usually bear the little fruit either. They are used a lot along streets and in new developments. Hardy, drought tolerant and can handle frost. And… they are absolutely spectacularly vibrant in the Fall 🙂

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  2. Beautiful. It looks like fall is coming to California early too.

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    • Yes, it does look like it. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some leaves were starting to turn here and there. We were still in July and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Then last week I saw these pistachio trees near my house! They seem to be one of the harbingers of Fall. On this same day I saw wild turkeys and deer, so yep, Fall is in the air. The nights are definitely chillier but the days are still way hotter than I enjoy.

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