Mother’s day at the beach

Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4422








Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4433




Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4414




Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4406







Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4397




Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4464




Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4503







Beaches Hwy 1 - Mother's Day-4523




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  1. A wonderful experience to feel your journey to the beach. I was intrigued by the close-up of the mound. Interesting textures. 🙂

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    • Thanks you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. the mound is part of a whole sand stone formation on the side of a cliff. A long section of the cliff looks like this. It reminds me of Gruyère cheese. “Pebble Beach at Bean Hollow State Beach is also known for tafoni rocks which are uniquely textured sandstone with holes and honeycomb-like structures that have been created through a weathering process.”

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  2. Ahhhhh-thank you. Is that the Navarro River?


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