A blue chair

Blue chair


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  1. Oddly bizarre Arati! Good for you for going back to shoot it – and I really like the angle of the shot. I agree it would generate a great story!

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  2. Well, now I’m wondering how and why the chair is there. This makes a wonderful composition.

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    • When I first saw the chair I just walked by. Then I stopped and took a ‘double take’, also wondering how and why it got there. I think the image would work well for one of those writing prompts… what are the many possible stories contained herein? It was fun playing with a myriad of compositions… where do I want this chair to be in relation to the path, to the point out in the distance, to where I am standing….. all the while clicking away 🙂 And then the blue just added a whole other dimension to the scene. This use of a one color highlight in an otherwise greyscale photograph is something I enjoy seeing in your work and learning from.
      Glad you liked this photo and that you shared your thoughts. Thanks

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