Coming to

Autumn afternoon

Soft light touching branches and leaves

Sitting in Starbucks

A star with antlers

Star, like a wild horse, bucking across the universe

Cacophony of noise

Chairs being dragged

Voices in a myriad of languages

Competing with music for space

A blur of sounds

Orders called out

Mysterious, unknown

I am consistent with a green tea almond latte

Extra large, extra scoop

Afternoon treat

Coming alive

Chocolate chip cookie melts in my mouth

Senses awaken

Closed eyes everything is distinct and blurred

I write for the first time since …. when?

Who will read, who cares?

Just do it

For life

The light is bright

The pain is absent

I breathe as if coming up from the depths of a dark lake


Letting this go

No edits

Raw, alive,