A Path of Mindfulness

Path, this week’s Photo Challenge on WordPress is an end of year invitation from Cheri Lucas Rowland to “consider your own path”.

I have contemplated this during the past week and want to thank my blogging friend Osyth over at Half Baked in Paradise for the inspiration I found in her post The road less traveled by

After reading Osyth’s post I felt drawn to visit an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. I visited this friend frequently when I lived in Danville. It’s only a ten minute drive from here. Yesterday was a sunny day. It seemed like a perfect time and I wanted to get this written before Friday rolled around again with the next Weekly Challenge.

Two paths run side by side over miles,
merging only at street intersections
or to cross a bridge.

At times I ask myself
which one today?
Often I don’t, I just know.

One is narrow, bare to the ground.
Soft beneath me
as I touch the earth.
The swooshing sound of dry leaves
when my feet brush through them.
Here and there, gentle curves
flow between soft green grass of winter
that seems to hold and nurture.

The other is wide.
An asphalt carpet
stretching into the distance.
An old railway
now smooth and inviting.
Adults and children
glide by on bicycles.
Little ones in strollers
sleep in the warm afternoon sun.

Invariably I choose the dirt path.
The quiet, laid back one.
To be held
by the soft gentleness of the earth.

This is what I want for all of us
in the coming year:
The ability to choose
what is most life giving
at any moment.
Presence and mindfulness
to connect with ourselves, others,
and our surroundings.
That we may all be held
in Loving Kindness.


Iron Horse Trail – Danville, California – 12/28/16


Gifts along the path