Remembering Why

Clothes clipped once again on the line
I stand on the roof
Leaning against the parapet facing north
Taking in the vastness

The backwaters stretching out
Into the distant haze
Chinese fishing nets lining the shores
Like giant creatures
Vestiges of times long gone

The cool wind blows on my face
Through my thin white cotton shirt and pants
Refreshing my whole body
On this hot
Sunny day gifted forward by last night’s rain

On the roof of the next building
Rows of laundry sway gracefully in the breeze
Noticing my breath
The fullness
The details of my surroundings

No where to go
Nothing else to do
Standing still in time
Why i come here


Chinese Net_fisherman


Amritapuri, December 30, 2014






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  1. Yes. Laundry does encourage the pause to reflect on the whys of things. Wonderful post!

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  2. Nice to remember why! xx Gael

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