Seasons Gliding By

Riding on the early morning cool air

A soft light filters through the branches making its way into my room.

Walking in an unexpected late August drizzle brings joy and relief.

Sounds of dry leaves rustling along the walkways and streets.

Squirrels chasing each other up tree trunks and along branches,

While others dash around as if in a frenzy.

Moments of presence to dispel fearful, anxious thoughts of what might be.

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  1. What a blessing the rains are especially with all the massive fires in your area. I heard about the high winds and was concerned about their impact on the fires which i hope are now well under control.


  2. It is raining here too and will be on and off for 6 days apparently. It seems almost surreal it has been so long. Yesterday there were 60 mile an hour winds that gusted occasionally as well.

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  3. Most evocative, although I trust ‘what is to come’ does not prove too challenging.


    • Hello Hariod. I experience care in your words. In reading your comment i realized that indeed i don’t know ‘what IS to come’ so i changed the wording to ‘what might be’. This holds the uncertainty of what the future brings and a reminder that what i tell myself is a story that i don’t know to be true. I thank you for this gift.

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