whose tracks were those yesterday?

They’re big, BIG, and they appear to prefer keeping their feet on the ground.
At night they roost in the woods on the branches of trees, preferably not too high
They don’t seem to enjoy flying that much.
The first time I heard one of them land for the night I thought a tree had fallen nearby.
Around here they adapt very well to neighborhoods that border the woods.
The day after Thanksgiving they were out ‘en masse’
In my mind to celebrate surviving yet another year!
Their language is very distinct and after a while I find it shrill, annoying and repetitive!
Apparently a group of them is called a ‘Rafter’. God only knows why.
I can’t imagine one of these creatures jumping up on to a rafter, and yet ……
What the heck! If a branch in the woods will work why not a rafter?
There numbers are increasing in this neighborhood.
Sometimes in the mornings
I have flash backs to one of Alfred Hitchcock’s famously scary movies!

I wanted to interview them for this blurb.
After a moment of standing completely still as I approached,
They turned around and trotted off.
I guess they declined.

Allow me to introduce you

A Rafter beneath my balcony

A Rafter beneath my balcony

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