Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

After having spent several months during the last few winters in India I am here in the California Bay Area for this one. It is COLD!!!!  Wool socks, thick cotton pants, turtle necks, fleece sweat shirt, jacket, raincoat….. and the heater is turned up.

I hear from friends in Amritapuri …. the heat …. I pause to remember and travel back in my mind and heart. In this moment, that I even wore those weightless paper thin whites and still felt unbearably hot seems so incomprehensible, unreal, illusionary. As I see these old familiar clothes dancing on the line I imagine them free from those little blue pins, flying away like the egrets that nest on the palm trees below.


Floating Whites

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  1. I bet you would Sreejit :-). I can only think there is A LOT of Grace in your kitchens for you all to remain standing in that heat, let alone the usual run of the mill heat. Wishing you some cool, refreshing breezes.


  2. Great photo and sentiment! Makes me want to travel to someplace warm.

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  3. Would love some freezing weather right about now… Well, at least for a couple of days.

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  4. Warmest winter on record here in England Arati; so weightless clothes are getting an airing. Best wishes, Hariod.

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