Pojoaque Pots in the Sky


Pojoaque Pots and Sky

Pojoaque Pot and Sky

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


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  1. I really love the second picture. Almost a falling feeling to it – a lost in the sky feeling.

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  2. Stunning colors and compositions. This is art !
    There is something huge in this beautiful cloud 😉

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    • Thank you Ada for sharing how you experienced these photographs.
      Yes the clouds here are often magnificently huge. As a visual artist I find this area around Santa Fe to be one of the most inspiring places I have ever been to.

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  3. Beautiful. I love the southwest. (I was born in Albuquerque!)

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    • Thank you Karuna. Yes, there is something so special about this area. I find the light and colors of the earth and sky, as well as the natural lines of the landscape and architecture so inspiring! I was a painter way back in the 70’s and 80’s and I did a series of paintings from around here! I love coming back with a camera and joyously rediscovering the colors, perspectives and amazing light!
      I smile hearing you were born in Albuquerque 🙂 Andrew was born in Santa Fe in 1991, and this is where we met Amma in 1992!

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      • I used to go to Christ in the Desert monastery near Abiquiu. I think I went there 2 or 3 times a year for several years. I feel sad that my high blood pressure prevents me from going there or to Santa Fe.

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      • I get how you miss not being able to come here anymore because of your blood pressure. I remember reading (was it in one of your books?) about your visits to Christ in the Desert monastery and how meaningful being there was for you.
        I am noticing this time that I seem to be a lot more tired and low energy while I am here, especially today being the fifth day. So I’m laying low and taking it easy.


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