Central Park

Where do names come from?
What place or person lives in them?
Born perhaps in a fleeting
or drawn out moment of presence.
Vessels for memories, hope, joy, love and life
remembered and longing to be expressed,
to be seen and touched.

As fas back as I can remember
there is only One Central Park.
The one in New York City,
surrounded by many museums,
temples to art holding centuries of inspiration and creativity.
Inside the park, bordering Fifth Avenue
you’ll find the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
home to one of my favorite paintings:
Lady in Blue by Ingres.
I have stood in front of this lady
time drifting by.
Losing myself in her eyes,
in the breathtaking transparencies and delicate details.

Then there’s Alice, in her wonderland, sitting on a mushroom,
Mad Hatter and White Rabbit by her side.
An invitation to all the little, and not so little ones to climb aboard.

Model sailboats of summer give way to skaters in the winter.

On the South end of the Park,
on the other side of W59th St,
stands The Plaza Hotel.
Home to Eloise
As far as I am concerned this is the Plaza’s one and only claim to fame,
and the only reason to enter the hotel is to see her portrait (if it’s still there)!

New York’s Central Park is a universe of its own
It is magical and timeless
Movies are made there
People fall in, and out of love
Kids grow up
Some of us move away
This park remains, welcoming us upon our return.

Then there’s San Ramon’s Central Park!
A ten minute walk from my apartment.

Before moving here from my old neighborhood
I would only drive by this park.
I couldn’t begin to relate to this place as a Central Park.
It’s like “There is no town here!
Central to what? To where? To whom?”

Today, walking through it,
I realized that I’ve a acquired a fondness for this space
with it’s redwoods, dancing manzanita trees,
surrounding hills and mountains.
Near by, Mount Diablo disappears into the clouds.

A playground and several playing fields invite children, adolescents and adults
of multi nationalities, races and cultures to come together.
To play soccer, baseball, cricket, toss frisbees to dogs,
and celebrate the Fourth of July!

For now this is my home.
I feel immensely grateful to come and walk here.
That on days like today I can sink my feet into now deep, lush, soggy grass.
A gift from the wettest storm in ten years.


How are names born?
What, or who, lives in them … for you?

Post inspired by WP Photo Challenge: Names
I invite you to wander over to the site and see how this challenge has inspired others.
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