Protect Internet Freedom

I rarely reblog and today I am doing what I can to protect our access to the internet. Where would we be as blogggers, how would we know each other and share our stories and images if it were not for the internet?

We can make our voices heard by following these three easy steps to submit official comment to the FCC:
1. On your computer, not your phone, go to:
2. Enter under Proceeding the numbers 17-108.
3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. You can also say that you support net neutrality, or that you are against their revoking of same.
*Fill in the form carefully; It’s less user friendly and impossible to fill in by phone. It took me about a minute on my laptop.


George Lakoff

Donald Trump and the Republicans are trying to restrict American freedom and destroy the Internet as we know it.

They want to hand control of a crucial public resource – the Internet – over to corporations. These corporations will then be able to restrict the flow of information, effectively censor voices of dissent, and charge outrageous prices for access to online services.

This is an attack on American freedom, and it should alarm every citizen who cherishes the free flow of information in the digital age. We can’t allow corporations take control of our Internet. But stopping this nefarious scheme requires urgent action on this issue, most commonly known as Net Neutrality.

I don’t like the term Net Neutrality because it obscures what’s really at stake: FREEDOM. Our freedom to access the information and resources we need to keep our democracy healthy is under threat. Yet, Republicans on the Federal…

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  1. Wow, I love your last line and the images I get of the Berlin Wall coming down. People literally tearing it a part with their bare hands. People standing and sitting on the wall, their faces and bodies expressing jubilation! Yessss!


  2. 😠😠😠 of course I’m not American so I can’t join in but your post prompts me to research this issue further …. the erosion of freedom the world over and the dawn of the real Big Brother era should concern is all

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    • Yes, and today this erosion of freedom in the US is happening at an alarming rate and often in very hidden ways. Thanks for commenting. I feel such relief in this kind of companionship. It nurtures hope.

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      • I am fond of saying everything changes, nothing stays the same and I refuse to ever have hope stripped away. This current regime in the US is nothing nice but it will pass. What we have to do is keep adding our voices to the pile however little we think it is doing. The weight of water will finally overcome the wall 😊

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