Winter Rendezvous

Soquel river mouth 2-3Soquel River flowing into Monterey Bay, Pacific Ocean
Capitola, California
Winter 2015

Only in the winter does the Soquel River flow into Monterey Bay.
In the summer the city of Capitola brings in bulldozers
to smooth out and reshape the beach,
thereby creating a lagoon for children and ducks to play in.
Thus river and ocean are kept artificially apart until the rains come,
when nature prevails and the river rises to naturally reshape its course,
flowing back into the Bay for their yearly reunion.

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  1. The sea laid over the beach like a glittering shawl worn by the most beautiful woman now tossed aside as she runs barefoot … this is divine.

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  2. wow…. and the beach photo had me wanting to go to florida to be by the ocean!!

    But I much more prefer the beauty and energy of our southern beaches!!

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