Redwood Sentinels

Redwood sentinels Color-4393

These redwoods stand just outside my windows. They’re between my apartment building and a golf course fairway whose number to this day remains a mystery to me, even though I have lived here for over two years.

This particular fairway, to the great dismay of my neighbors and I who have no interest in golf, curves in such a way that errant golf balls are frequently driven full force in our direction, having just been whacked off a tee around the corner. A major flaw in design if you were to ask me.

A number of these projectiles end up leaving pock marks on the sides of buildings and bouncing of roofs, as well as shattering car windows and windshields triggering random car alarms. All this followed by adults in golf carts circling and zigzagging  around bushes and trees looking for their precious lost treasures, as if on an Easter egg hunt. Images of kids driving erratically around a go kart track without ever taking their foot off the accelerator!

Fortunately for me, a great number of these balls have been deterred by the trees pictured above.

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  1. And here’s me thinking of golf as rather ”boring”… Never crossed my mind they would have a golf course so dangerously close to residences. Take care over there in the Danger Zone!

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  2. I use to live in an apartment complex just like this. Lost one windshield in the two years we lived there.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It makes me think that this is perhaps more common than I would have thought. I no longer use my parking space and when friends come to visit I let them know they can park there ‘at their own risk’.

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