Photographs by Joydeep Mukherjee

Recently in Morning Tai Chi by the Beach I wrote about the challenges I face with photographing people out in the world and how grateful I am to all the photographers who photograph people in all different types of situations.  Their work helps me stay connected to the vastness of our/my human experience. Something that I can so easily lose track of while living here in a sub-urban zone of the Bay Area in California.

For some time I have been following the Edge of Humanity Magazine  and in there I find a richness in diversity of photography that is often deeply moving to me.

Today I sit here being touched to my core by Joydeep Mukherjee’s photographs. Touched by the images and the life situation of the boys, the “rock solid will and heart” of Dada, the man who cares for them, and the sensitivity and vulnerability of the photographer who witnesses and helps me see.

Helping Each Other To Survive | Housing For 70 Mentally Disabled Abandoned Boys | West Bengal, India





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  1. I also follow Edge of Humanity and love the diversity of topics and people. The post you mentioned was a memorable one.

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  2. Yes, I too find Edge of Humanity Magazine to be a true gem.

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