Changing course, an unexpected gift

Recently I drove out to my old neighborhood. There is a specific spot that offers a great view of Mt. Diablo and I wanted to capture a photo of a storm moving in over the mountain. You can see the photo here
Afterwards, as I was leaving, I noticed the plum trees lining the road leading out of the neighborhood. They were in full bloom.

Pull over, pull over called out my ever vigilant photographer inner voice. So I did, took a bunch of photos, but it was getting dark, and the light just wasn’t ‘right’. Okay, she said, we can come back tomorrow earlier in the afternoon. I didn’t hear this as a suggestion, it was more like a “we are doing this…”

The following afternoon I headed back to catch the flowering plum trees. As I was exiting the neighborhood where I now live I noticed right there, on the corner, a plum tree in full bloom dazzling in the afternoon light, .
I’ll come back another time and catch it I thought as I turned on to the main road.
I stopped at the nearby Starbucks for my customary afternoon green tea latte with almond milk when my ever vigilant, and now persistent, photographer inner voice started up again: You’re not just going to drive away! These blooms may be gone by tomorrow, it could pour tonight, the winds could come up, these blossoms will be gone. The light is perfect! You gotta turn around and go back!
Can I at least finish my tea?
I asked.
Yes, she said, but that’s it!

I finished my tea, got in the car and headed back home. I parked by the main gate and walked towards this amazing bouquet.

I stood on the opposite corner and started clicking (I have developed an aversion to associating ‘shooting’ and ‘shots’ with photography). This tree ‘being’ kept inviting me in. Come closer I heard, and I did. I immersed myself in the fullness of the buds and flowers and then, as I looked up through the branches I saw the moon. I started to play with her. I could place her in different relationships to the branches. As I moved around the tree it was like dancing with the moon, or playing a game of hide and seek.

I must admit; while my photographer inner voice can be very persistent, loud and at times a bit annoying ….. I like her a lot.

This week’s Photo Challenge is Story

Plum Tree-0599


Plum Tree-0613


Plum Tree-0614


Plum Tree-0651


Plum Tree-0643


Plum Tree-0621


Plum Tree-0624


Plum Tree-0626

Plum Tree-0640

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  1. And well you did, listening to her! She may be annoying but also rather reasonable; she let you finish your green tea latte, after all! 🙂 And we have her to thank for these magnificent images!

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  2. Beautiful story Arati. I am so glad to see spring colours.

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  3. Good you listened to your inner voice. Photoggraphy is about moments and the moment you have now will most certainly be different than what you’ll have next time even if you have the same sibject.

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  4. Lovely photographs and beautiful write-up Arati. I have had some very disappointing experiences with my “I will come back another time” habit, which is something I am desperately trying to kill, but still haven’t succeeded. I hope it happens sometime soon. 🙂

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  5. Very nice! Spring is just around the corner.

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  6. Yes, that voice can be annoying, but it certainly produced some lovely images.
    I especially like the one where the moon seems to sit right on the branch.

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  7. “Dancing with the moon” — Love that!


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