Favorite Place

Glacier National Park, Montana …… Where Lake McDonald flows into the Flathead River.

Peace     bliss     heaven





P1000663 2




Flathead river


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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  1. Wonderful gallery Arati. The way you have captured peacefulness is amazing. I can see why this is your favourite place. I would love to sit on one of those rocks and watch the flow of water.

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    • Thank you Rupali. I appreciate hearing how it is for you to see these images, the sense of peace that you get from them. Yes this is a very special, healing place for me. I could sit on those rocks and completely lose track of time. I am glad to hear that you would love to sit there and watch the flow of water.

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  2. Such wondrous scenery you’ve captured, Arati. Loved the reflections in the third photo. The grandeur of nature. ❤

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  3. This is one of my favorite places as well! I don’t know if you have been to Lake McDonald in the fall or winter. And of course, spring. It is beautiful no matter the season. You captured it beautifully in your photos. -Jill

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    • Yes it is beautiful anytime, all the time. I miss the lake, the area in general. Haven’t been back since2013. Pretty soon the lilacs will be blooming. I’m glad you liked the photos. Thanks for visiting.

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  4. A beautiful place to visit! I was there many years ago…

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  5. This is soo very pretty…tranquil and peaceful….reminds me of Chandrataal Lake. You can see my post on that. Though my pictures are mobile pictures but you will get an idea.

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    • I’m glad you like these images.
      Chadrataal Lake looks amazing and has indeed a blissful feel to it. The colors of the water and the starkness of the surrounding landscape are breathtaking. I imagine at that altitude the air is quite thin and the light crisp and clear. I like the photos you took, the different angles really give me a sense of the place. I can see how it would be hard to leave, and I get your gratitude at having been able to experience being there.

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      • Thank you for reading my Chandrataal experience. What I felt there I cannot explain in words and it’s been one of my most beautiful and serene experiences. I hope some day you get to visit this place. Also, thank you for appreciating the pics, means a lot coming from photographers like you. I just used my mobile camera and at these times I do miss a proper camera. I don’t have one as it makes me feel like another thing to carry while travelling.

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        • Yes, I can see from your photographs, and your words how special and memorable visiting Chandrataal was for you, and how difficult it might be to put your experience into words.
          I understand about ‘one more thing to carry when traveling’. The thought of hauling the camera at times just feels like too much and yet at times when I find myself looking through the screen of my iPhone I often regret not having brought my camera. I travel a lot less these days and I have set an intention to take my camera (plus extra battery, charger….. 😏) with me next time I do. I want to remember how much I appreciate having the camera, the joy I get from ‘playing with it, maximizing the possibilities of capturing the photos as I would like to see them.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts which have invited me to connect with how traveling with a camera is for me.

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  6. So bright, wide and lovely! Beautiful photographs of a wonderful landscape you took..

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  7. How could that fail to be the favourite – it truly is heavenly and through the magic of your lens I feel it calling to me 😊

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