Caught by surprise

Late afternoon in Port San Luis Harbor.

This was my first time visiting here. After a four hour drive it felt so good to once again be by the ocean. Getting out of the car I paused to take in some deep breaths of fresh salty air, got grounded, grabbed my camera and started clicking away.

San Luis Port 2-0187

San Luis Port 2-0191

I felt completely relaxed and lost in the realm of photography … when suddenly

INCOMING – TAKE COVER !!!!San Luis Port Seagulls-0192

I ducked as a giant wing came straight at me through my zoomed lens

Before I had time to collect myself and fully understand what I had seen
there it was, perched on a rock, staring right at me.
Hey lady, what you up to? You got food? Take my picture, how do I look?
No time to think, just point the camera and hope for the best

San Luis Port 2-0194

Seconds later
Now me lady, it’s my turn

San Luis Port 2-0196

And they were gone.
I stood there momentarily stunned,
in disbelief and delighted by what had just happened.
How sweet to see that a few photos actually did come out!

Clicking on individual photos enhances the image

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  1. I have read somewhere, “always believe somthing good is going to happen” 🙂
    Lovely captures Arati. I can feel the happiness of capturing the surprise shot.

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  2. Loved the incoming comment and picture. Glad the gull didn’t hit you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! That crow looks like he’s on a mission. Lovely close-ups, Arati. 🙂

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