Beach day – Santa Cruz

Beach day - Santa Cruz-1222


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1247


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1263


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1294


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1285


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1336-2


Beach day - Santa Cruz-1333

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  1. Beautiful…. and inviting.

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  2. I did. It was a lovely time. The sea air felt so refreshing and nurturing. Thanks for visiting Rupali.


  3. Lovely beach. Hope you had good time.


  4. I’m ready to jump into the water! Thanks for a nice trip with beautiful images.


  5. Oh, I used to walk on that cliff and that beach so often. What bright and beautiful photos. Reminding me of living and growing up in Santa Cruz. Thank you Arati!


  6. Beautiful photos. I haven’t been in years and don’t live that far away! You’ve inspired me.

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  7. Beautiful, bright pictures! Especially, love the green patch and the yellow flowers.

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