Luminous – Dahlia pequeña

Luminous - Dahlia pequeña

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  1. I like the way the sun backlights the petals, creating an almost stained glass effect, very cool

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  2. I love the light passing through the flower. Great job Arati.

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  3. I adore dahlias … they went out of fashion in Britain for along while though I think they had some sort of a retro resurgence more recently but they are popular in France and I find their texture and range of colours delightful!

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    • Hi Osyth, I am so glad to hear you adore dahlilas, they definitely are high up there as some of my favorite flowers and I have had them in my gardens for years, except when we lived on Maui. The climate didn’t resonate for them!
      I am so perplexed by this notion that a flower, a part of nature could be in or out of fashion. This is so outside of my life experience! How is that someone would come up with such a concept?


      • It’s ludicrous isn’t it! I love them whatever the nonsense pedalled by others but I promise they did become a rarety in Britain for a while when it became de rigeur to grow all things white. I did not adhere. My grandmother always counselled that fashion is what suits you and dahlias suit me perfectly so long as they suit the soil. Actually I can’t think of a single flower I dislike…. why would one?

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  4. Nice, I saw your shot from yesterday, and I have to say I find the lighting on this one more interesting.

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    • I appreciate your comment which resonates for me.
      The first photo was taken late morning when the sun was high and front making the flower appear flatter and the colors more intense. The second one was taken later in the afternoon when the sun was lower and behind the flower which gave it a quality of translucence with more dimension/layers. The flower also seemed more delicate with the petals appearing thinner, transparent

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