In this week’s WordPress photo challenge prompt ‘Liquid’, Ben Huberman wrote:
“… Whenever I browse through my photo library, I’m shocked by how H2O-heavy it is. Waterfalls, rivers, lakes — I go chasing all of them, it would seem. If I give these images a closer look, though, it’s clear that I tend to focus not on the water itself, but rather on the landscapes and textures it produces. So this week, let’s treat the fluids around us with the attention and respect they deserve.”

So, here I am offering some of my most favorite and appreciated liquids the attention and respect they deserve.


Oil & Vinegar 2-1546

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I can put this on just about anything except yogurt and cereal…
If you have never done a Rorschach test, or haven’t done one in a while, here’s your chance 🙂


Basil in water

Grateful for the water that sustains these basil stems on my kitchen counter.
Pretty much anywhere the previously mentioned combo goes, so does basil….


Matcha Green Tea Almond Latte-4786

Last, and definitely not least…
A large matcha green tea latte with almond milk.
Anytime, anywhere…. I could live on this!
Baby food, comfort food, you name it….
This liquid always lands just right!



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  1. Love the vinegar and olive oil pic. The pattern is really pretty.

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  2. A matcha green tea latte with almond milk is my absolute favourite drink as well. Mmm. Your photo of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar is mesmerizing.

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    • I delight in hearing that matcha green tea almond milk latte is your absolute favorite drink. I love the company!
      I appreciate hearing how the balsamic vinegar/olive oil photo landed for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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  3. All wonderful captures of various liquids. I like the matcha tea because I love the color green.

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  4. My favorite is olive oil and balsamic vinegar…I love it on fresh-sliced tomatoes, a little salt, a little basil. My family devours this combo. Beautiful food photos.

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  5. I love these photos. Part of the reason, I am so attracted to them is I like the things in the pictures. Olive oil, basil, balsamic vinegar, and matcha. In my humble opinion, I think you mastered this challenge. -Jill

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  6. Great photos! I will definitely try the green tea latte!

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  7. All gorgeous. Love these photos. N


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