Berkeley delights

Sunday stroll in a friend’s neighborhood…. Celebrating diversity


Berkeley stroll-1645




Berkeley stroll-1659




Berkeley stroll-1667




Berkeley stroll-1673




Berkeley stroll-1674




Berkeley stroll cactus w toys-1691




Berkeley stroll-1675




Berkeley stroll-1678




Berkeley stroll-1684




Berkeley stroll-1703




Berkeley stroll-1710




Berkeley stroll welcome sign-1692-2




Berkeley stroll Peppermint Lily-1716

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  1. Beautiful! Vibrant! Lovely! What a good eye you have!

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  2. Such happy making pictures …. vibrant and vivid and vivacious all!

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  3. Stunning photos Arati and the last one is so beautiful!!!

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  4. So beautiful! Bright and refreshing.

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