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All time Favorites: In the final edition of the Weekly Photo Challenge, The Daily Post staff contributors share their favorite photos and invite you to do the same.

When I think of photographs I have taken I think more about which ones have been the most significant in terms of my growth and evolution as a photographer. Here are a few of them.

With this photograph it was the first time I experienced really going for it, stepping out of the box and letting go of ideas and beliefs about what I thought photography was supposed to be, or could only look like, and what those rules are. Years ago I started out as a painter and that part of me has been dormant for decades. With the image of this tree she came alive and joyfully went for it!

Dancing Tree - painted 5-3695


This past winter I struggled with allowing myself to buy an expensive camera for my birthday. It was so much about not feeling good enough, not valuing, celebrating or recognizing myself as an artist! And yes, I got support, processed this for several weeks and finally went out and bought a Fujifilm X-T2.

This photograph is one of the first I took with the new camera. The sun was setting as the ‘super blue blood moon’ was rising behind me on January 31,2018. I hold this photograph as a reminder to look beyond, or behind what I’m looking at, or think I came to see !

Sunset 1-31-18-0096


I want to include the next two photos because they are so different from those I had previously done. In so doing I celebrate stretching and being willing to experiment.
The inspiration for creating these images came from Allan over at Ohm Sweet Ohm and specifically his post “Photo of the Day 4/30/18”. Thank you Allan.

White birch w reflection-1150


Pine branch dark bg 5-1044


And finally…. When I first saw this image in the viewfinder I thought it was way too over exposed and changed the settings. But I kept circling back to how it was originally. So I took the photo(s), then I tweaked this one a bit in Lightroom… et voilà.
It seems fitting as the one to close out my entries for The Weekly Photo Challenge.

Avila Beach Pier B&W 1-0394


I feel immensely grateful to the WordPress Daily Post staff contributors for planting seeds of inspiration through their photo challenges and writing prompts, as well as to all the photographers and writers who responded to the invitations and in so doing nurtured my creativity with their entries. I look forward to continued inspiration as I follow your blogs.

❤️ 🙏

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  1. First of all congratulations on recognizing what you are and getting the amazing camera. This is very important in life.
    Yes, the images are outstanding Arati. I love the sunset image.

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  2. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog. Your pictures are grand.!

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  3. I love these photos. They all seem so different,yet equally thoughtful. And that sunset is magical!

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  4. Beautiful.

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  5. Lovely stuff. The pier is exquisite — wise choice to listen to that inner voice!

    And I too am saddened this is the last Weekly Photo Challenge. It has been the only prompt I’ve consistently gone to for inspiration.

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  6. Very nice last post for this particular challenge. I really like that sunset photo.

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