Children’s haven

Magical world of children-1891




Magical world of children-1897




Magical world of children-1901




Magical world of children-1893




Magical world of children-1894




Magical world of children-1905




Magical world of children-1906

Meyer Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe
Gary Lee Price – Sculptor



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  1. What precious sculptures! Innocence captured!

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  2. Oh, I love this! Great composition and subject!

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  3. These sculptures are fabulous. Darling, and so realistic.

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  4. I liked the arch made of books. I have enough to make one of those!

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  5. Wow! What amazing art pieces. Loved how you photographed them and showcased this magical area to the viewer. The first photo with the book arch and trees in the background is stunning, Arati. ❤

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  6. These really capture the joy of children at play!

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  7. What a beautiful place! I see a a boy with an airplane in the background in one photo. There’s a similar piece in Edmond, OK.

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