Pier – Avila Beach, California


Pier-Avila Beach -0445





Pier-Avila Beach 1-0446





Pier-Avila Beach -0333





Pier-Avila Beach 1-0415





Pier-Avila Beach -0494



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  1. Nice patterns and light/shadows play

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  2. nice!
    of cal poly 🙂

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  3. Funny, this great photograph has its duplicate on the other side of the coast in Atlantic City.

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  4. Again such beautiful pictures! Loved them.

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  5. Beautiful group of photos. I’ve never been to Avila Beach, but have heard about it.

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  6. The motion of the waves, the action, makes the pictures come alive.

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  7. Ah…Avila Beach, one of my favorite places.

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  8. These are magical pictures … so powerful the pilings, the crashing waves, the light. Just bravo, Arati … they are magnificent captures!

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  9. Love this for so many reasons…the perspective of the pilings, the light, the waves.

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