Shell Beach, California

Shell Beach-0217




Shell Beach-0275




Shell Beach-0239




Shell Beach-0230




Shell Beach-0222




Shell Beach-0270




Shell Beach-0283




Shell Beach-0287



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  1. Seeing the human in the kayak really gives one a new perspective of how huge these rock formations are. Must have been an amazing experience to stand in front of them.

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    • Yes it was. They have such a strong presence. The way they are positioned, the angles and perspective always gives me the impression they were placed there intentionally….. It’s a great place to meditate!

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  2. Beautiful photos! I love the last one with the canoe in the middle of the rocks!

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  3. Another series of beautiful images – my favourite is the first one, with the rocks fading in the mist!

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  4. Very serene images, I like them a lot. I do prefer them in full color 🙂

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  5. I like the angles of the rocks in the second picture. Like they were thrown there by a wandering giant.

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  6. gorgeous


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