Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Colorful

Happy Onam 2018-5192



Happy Onam 2018-5199





Happy Onam 2018-5206
Celebrating Onam, the Harvest Festival.
This Pookkalam (flower arrangement) was created by Amma’s devotees at the San Ramon MA Center.

Posted for Tina Schell’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Colorful


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  1. Wow this is art and an amazingly colourful presentation

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  2. What an amazing display of colors and textures!

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  3. Wow! Definitely caught my eye with dazzling color. The center looks very joyful with the butterfly and the three figures. Lovely photo, Arati. ❤


  4. That is beautiful…a great choice for the challenge!

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  5. How absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

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