Bishop Ranch

br shoreline buildings-6029



br shoreline buildings-6025-2

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  1. Great photos! (And I know this is not in Bishop, CA 😉 .

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  2. Where are the cows, Arati? 🙂 Just kidding, although I am pretty sure there is a Bishop Ranch near Bishop. We always see lots of cattle around there. Great black and whites. –Curt

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    • Along with development extending out for miles this Bishop Ranch, with it’s numerous corporate buildings has replaced what was once, and not so long ago, wide open space. And the images lend themselves well to black and white. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I think the black and white really highlights the architecture well. There are such strong lines. And love the reflection in the water!

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  4. Wonderful architecture. Love the clouds behind the first photo. ❤

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    • Yes the architecture is wonderful and fun! I only recently discovered this place and greatly enjoy walking around the lake. Glad you like the clouds. The winter cloudscapes here are fabulous, especially after going for months without seeing a cloud in the sky!

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