Life on California fault zones

High above, against a cloudy winter sky
eerie crackling and buzzing sounds
scurry along high voltage wires
bringing forth random images
of squirrels darting along a fence,
logs burning in a fireplace,
embers popping, sparks flying.

Hidden underground
beneath a walking and bike path
a pipeline carries high octane jet fuel
from Concord to the airport in San Jose
traveling through neighborhoods
alongside schools and shopping centers.
A few years ago in Walnut Creek
a backhoe struck this pipeline.
The explosion killed five people. 

Deep down in the bowels of the earth
beneath these wires and jet fuel
two gigantic faults hang out,
the Hayward nearby
the San Andreas a little farther out.

A little shift here, a little shift there…

In the meantime
what the heck
let’s put up some new roofing


Living on the grid-3354



Living on the grid-3346



Living on the grid-3349



Living on the grid-3352



Living on the grid-3360



Living on the grid-3357







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  1. Interesting how daily life goes on with danger lurking.

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