Morning drive along the Salinas River

Morning along the Salinas-3920




Morning along the Salinas-6490




Morning along the Salinas-3941




Morning along the Salinas-3934




Morning along the Salinas-3933




Morning along the Salinas-3994




Morning along the Salinas-6494




Morning along the Salinas-4056




Morning along the Salinas-4022




Morning along the Salinas-4028




Morning along the Salinas-3828

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    • Yes, and although I have seen the landscape from Hwy 101 many times over the decades it was the first time I drove the back roads. In seeing all this up close I was struck by the contrast between the agricultural, military and oil landscapes. It really had an emotional impact on me. Something about the contrast between the beauty of nature, the land, the fields, the river, the fog, the sunrise and these ‘man made’ areas that seem to just wreck it all!


      • Agreed. I’ve spent a lot of time in the area over the years. One thing about Ft. Old, however, is it ended up preserving a lot of gorgeous country that has now turned into a National Monument. That land would have been lost to development, otherwise. On another note, Have you been to the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas? It is well-worth a visit. –Curt

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        • Thanks for this piece of information Curt. I appreciate hearing how this military base (contrary to Chevron) ended up preserving land in this gorgeous country. This area around Paso Robles has become big time wine country. The vineyards are taking over! I haven’t visited the Steinbeck museum in Salinas and am putting this on my to do list for next I am in the area. As always, I enjoy our visit and comments. Thanks for stopping by.


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