Wordless Wednesday

Eucalyptus tree - pushing colors-4980

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  1. Gorgeous. Can I use it for the GreenFriends newsletter? If so would you send a higher resolution copy !!!

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  2. Such interesting bark…rich in color and texture.

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  3. Ah, the beauty that surrounds us if we open it to. Thank you Arati. Lots of love.

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  4. Got to love Aussie trees and good photographers.

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    • Yeah, I love looking at, and touching them, especially when it rains and they glisten with vibrant colors, and the scent permeates the air. I love how the bark peels away, often hanging like a contortionist. Here they are considered an ‘invasive species’… and still I find them so inspiring, grateful for their presence. I will admit that I avoid parking under or in close proximity to one when it rains. They are known to unexpectedly dropping limbs…


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