Lens-Artists Challenge#75: Nostalgia

During the 70’s and 80’s I lived in Soquel
just up the road from Capitola.

I would make my way down to the beach
sit on a bench
or stand
on one of the cliffs

Winter storms came by
leaving behind masses
of driftwood
strewn and stacked
waiting for folks to stop by
and let their imaginations
flow freely

Through it all
no matter what the weather
if there was a wave to ride
surfers would be there
as constant and consistent
as the waves themselves

I moved away in 1991
and with any opportunity
I make my way
back down to the village
to the beach
to the cliffs

and watch

Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4325



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4346



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4316



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4353



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4602



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4557



Lens Artists - Nostalgia-4583

Posted in response to Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge: Nostalgia

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  1. What an idyllic spot, Arati. I can see why it inspired you.

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  2. It’s beautiful. I bet you miss it very much.

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  3. Beautiful nostalgia photos and poem.

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  4. There is nothing Quite like the ocean to bring us peace and happiness. An excellent example of nostalgia

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  5. Such a wonderful spot to pass time watching!

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  6. Great post Arati! I too never bored with the oceans and the waves… Why? Check my post for the same prompt. πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™

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