When my heart aches for our planet

When I yearn for
personal, cultural, corporate

When I dream
of our planet
being held with utmost care
by all

When I dream
of us willing
to change
our first world cultural habit
of seeing things as disposable

When I dream of us
having access to resources
to heal
this plastic nightmare




Note: Starbucks stores (I don’t know if all) offer ‘for here’ ceramic mugs and plates for folks to use if they plan to hang out in the store. As witnessed above, a very small percentage of people actually use them.
I have been told by some of the baristas at the Starbucks nearby that people say they find it’s just easier to throw a cup away. At this time these cups are non compostable and non recyclable (at least where I live) due to their plastic lining.
If we use our own ‘to go’ mug the store offers a small discount on the drink.



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  1. Disposable cups are on my radar lately as I pick them up on trail cleanups regularly. Arkansas Master Naturalists ask that all members bring mugs and plates to events so we’re not using disposable items. This became a habit and I now carry a mug and a folding spoon/fork at all times. Businesses have been happy to let me purchase drinks in my cup and often they won’t let me pay if I’m getting a meal.

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  2. I know how you feel / and not sure if this is the case in your photos – but at our Starbucks they double the cups all the time! Like it is no big deal!
    My mother loves using the ceramic mugs they have
    And did you know this month Starbucks has a 40.00 travel mug that comes with a free daily refill for the whole month of January 2020

    Pretty good deal for those who go often and also / maybe it is there way of getting folks to get into the habit of using a refillable travel

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    • Yeah, I have a really hard time with the double cup thing and also the way in which baristas will toss out a drink if there is an error in the order. I would so much prefer if they would just give it away to some one else.
      Thank you for commenting. May 2020 bring you abundance of inspiration and creativity

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