Lens-Artists photo Challenge # 81: Find Something Red.

This week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge comes from Patti who invites us to ‘Find something Red’. Needless to say once the thought ‘Red’ crossed my mind I started seeing Red everywhere. Especially on the streets at night.

Red to invite people in
Red to warn me to keep my distance
Red to stay alert, be careful, pay attention, watch out… Danger!!!
Red to draw us in to a shop
Red to sell me stuff
Red to put on the brakes
Red to make us stop

Red, red, red
everywhere red!

Lens Artists-Red-8182



Lens Artists-Red-6430



Lens Artists-Red-8179



Lens Artists-Red-6422



Lens Artists-Red-6406



Lens Artists-Red-6420



Lens Artists-Red-6404-2



Lens Artists-Red-6419


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  1. Wonderful idea to use red lights in all the images. Excellent series.

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  2. Creative – night shots – I like the idea and the results!

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  3. I’m with Tina. I’ll go for the Cold Stone, Arati. 🙂 –Curt

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  4. Great finds, Arati. I love that you shot these at night. A perfect time for highlighting “red.”

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  5. Cold stone for me please Atari! Excellent finds for the week. You’re right, red is everywhere!

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