Bare asphalt

A time to pause
to remember
what it was like
back then
when we walked
on the earth

They paved paradise-0318



They paved paradise-0317



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  1. Thanks for the memories, Arati. Even the song took me back in time, back to the early 70s when I was the executive director of an environmental center in Sacramento and Joni was first singing her song, and back even further in time to the calluses on my feet that allowed me to go barefoot for most of the summer. Much off that area is now paved. –Curt

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    • Thanks Curt. I think for some this is a moment of heightened awareness of what we’ve lost and it is important to allow ourselves to mourn, to feel and be with the grief so it doesn’t unleash itself as anger or rage going outwards.


      • It’s easy to get angry. A few minutes of news usually does it for me. I enjoy escaping into blogs that you and others create as well as developing my own. I also think it is important to celebrate what we still have. The world continues to be an endlessly fascinating, beautiful place. –Curt

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  2. That is the silver lining. The pause, the feeling that the earth can breathe. I love this. Thank you 🙏

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