A golf course transformed by COVID 19

The carts that weave around trees
searching for misplaced golf balls have been furloughed.
Adults and kids transform the course into a park.

A golfer stands by himself ready to tee off
his first time ever walking the fairways while playing.
His first time, ever.

It doesn’t have to be eighteen or nine, he said
five will do, for the exercise.
As if he had a revelation
that he could let go of certain rules
and imagine new possibilities.

This is perhaps his moment
to feel the soft ground beneath his feet
to slow down
to notice the constellations of tiny daisies
dotting the fairways like stars on a moonless night.

A golf course tansformed-8660



A golf course tansformed-8686



A golf course tansformed-0421



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  1. That’s a lovely piece! It’s worth reading!

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  2. children free to play in the sand pit…somewhat like the Canadian geese who are seem to feel safe enough to wander down the street

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