Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping images

Lens-Artists- Tree trunk Cropped (orig)-0478



Lens-Artists- Tree trunk Cropped-0478-2



Lens-Artists- Street Lamp Cropped (orig.)-8282



Lens-Artists- Street Lamp Cropped-8282

This weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge about cropping images is offered to us by Patti Moed

A personal note about how photography and language live in me.
Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly more uncomfortable with using the terms ‘shoot or shot’ when referring to photographs. I know that these terms are commonly used in the language of photography, and yet for me there is too much violence associated with these words and it is painful for me to use them in connection to an art form that I find so precious and life giving, so I refrain from doing so.

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  1. love your crops – and I know what you mean about the shot –
    but maybe if we use this synonym we can pull from the violence associated with this word – kind of water it down

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  2. Hi Arati – Nice examples of cropping. I almost always crop but usually to non-standrad sizes b/c I feel the composition does not always fit into standard categories.
    I agree that the term shoot, or shot is not a great way to describe what happens when you I take a picture. I don’t equate it with violence but that makes sense. I like the word “capture” for lack of a better word. Or perhaps “record” …

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  3. Excellent. Now THAT’S a tree trunk.

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  4. Hi, Arati. Your choices are great to show the power of cropping. Nice work!

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  5. I know what you mean about the terms shoot and shot. I try always to refer to images instead

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