Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Reminds me of the days when I was growing up and my parents took an annual trip down to visit my grandparents who lived on the Central Coast near Watsonville. I would spend wonderful days playing on the ocean and exploring tide pools. –Curt

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    • I love hearing about your connection with the area near Watsonville. I love it there and hope to move back to that area next Spring. Childhood beach memories 🙂


      • My grandparents had a home just opposite an airfield and right next to a eucalyptus grove, Arati. My comments on the eucalyptus trees you photograph date back to those times. 🙂 He loved to fish in the ocean and I think we were an excuse for him to escape. He would take us to different beaches and turn us loose to explore and play. One of my early memories was of the cement ship.
        He worked for the California office of unemployment and was also assigned to a couple more offices along the Central Coast so we got to explore different areas. –Curt

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        • Sweet to hear. The cement ship is still there :). I used to ride my motorcycle down to Watsonville in the 80’s to watch the air show at the air field. Old planes, old crop dusters. It was such a trip. Seems like sooooo long ago.


          • Try the 50s Arati, for a while ago 🙂 Riding your motorcycle down for the airshows sounds romantic. In the 70s I had a VW Camper Van, back in the days when you could get away with pulling off the highway and parking. I had many happy escapes to the Central Coast. I don’t focus much on nostalgia but I will confess to missing those days.

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  2. The seagulls in CA are twice the size of Aussie ones. N

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  3. Aaahhhh, blessed ocean, sun, & sky

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