Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: An alphabet challenge – subjects beginning with “A”


This week Patti challenges us with the alphabet and the letter “A”. Click here to check out Patti’s blog and treat yourself to some wonderful photographs.

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  1. Arati, loved how you defined the letter A. Very creative!

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  2. Beautiful colors and great perspective in that first shot!

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  3. Color in abundance here, Arati! The red berries remind me of the type that were next to our house when we were growing up. The birds would flock to the trees when the berries were ripe, literally getting drunk. They would then fly over to our car that was parked under one of out almond trees and poop! And then fly back to the tree for more. If we hadn’t thought to move the car before the party, it was a real mess. 🙂 –Curt

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  4. Hi, Arati. Abundance….a perfect choice for the challenge. I enjoyed the purple blossoms and your autumn leaves. Glad you joined us!

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  5. Awesome.

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