Things I’ve Learned

To write a list of the things i’ve learned… hmmmmm

Today i am learning to start a sentence with a word other than ‘So’.

   I am not enjoying the idea of writing a list.
    Lists are for groceries and household items,
    Things to do before going on a trip.
    Or are they?

I want to name some of what i’ve learned and relearned,
Like an uncovering of what was once there and then forgotten.

Images of my teachers pass by me.
My twenty three year old son.
Through him i relearn gentleness, understanding, acceptance,
Compassion and how Love prevails.
I am relearning how to be more fluid,
As if i could still float in an amniotic universe.

I am learning to be willing to learn.
To be teachable, to dive deep and trust what i will find is precious.
To accept that nothing i write will ever be perfect.
This moment already past
Is easier to grasp through words than painting.

To write and post something everyday reminds me of sketching.
To  learn and relearn about presence,
About being enough, trusting, celebrating myself,
And letting go.

September 8, 2015
Writing 101

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  1. so…what else have you learned since then…?

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    • Tons… It just these thin veils and thick walls of uncertainty and ‘laters’ and ‘doesn’t matters’ that keep getting in the way of my writing about it all!
      Thanks for commenting on my post and the question as well as for following which i receive as an invitation to come back to writing.


  2. Meme… another new word for me. Thanks Hariod


  3. Yes, why are so many people beginning every utterance with an unnecessary ‘so’ in recent years? I have an admittedly weak theory that it is largely adopted from Americanised Orientals in academe, though this may be incorrect – any ideas yourself Arati?


    • Hello Hariod, thank you for this question which i have been exploring ever since i read it.
      What is ‘so’ about for me, what function does it serve? Is it some kind of space filler similar to ‘like’? A habit?
      Some thoughts….
      ‘So’ serves as a link between some previous exchange and the present moment. It can serve as a pause in which i can organize my thoughts and words, as in ‘sooooo….’. Is it interchangeable with ‘therefore’? ‘So’ also connects my thoughts, the inner dialogue i am having in the moment, or perhaps earlier, with what i want to express to the other person. There is also something about creating continuity, connection… like a bridge. I think this last idea resonates for me the most.
      I find that i am weaning myself from starting sentences with ‘so’ and in this i experience a small sense of loss. So 😊 …. i want to continue bringing awareness and mindfulness to how i use this small, monosyllabic word that sometimes has the quality of a gentle exhaling of breath. To be in choice and find balance in how and when i use it. Thanks for the gift Hariod.

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      • That all makes perfect sense Arati. I have noticed that the meme appears to prevail in the scientific and academic communities, and yet is spreading into wider culture on this side of the Atlantic. One finds this, and it seems that certain words will at times gain an accelerated usage in society, becoming memes yet without any apparent purpose. One such example is the word ‘robust’, which oddly has now lodged itself firmly into the public consciousness and gets repeated without warrant with notable frequency over here. At first, I wondered whether it was simply me latching onto its usage and so sub-consciously detecting it whereas previously it would have gone by without a second thought; yet this is not the case, and it is indeed a meme. Another, is the word ‘clearly’, which is grossly over-used in an unnecessary way, and yet there we perhaps see a subtle hidden purpose in that it seeks to confirm the undisputable authority of the user’s words. Quite how any particular word becomes a meme I have no idea.

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