Uncertainty and impermanence are of the same fabric, they dance together.
In them lay the absence of certainty, and permanence.
The ‘un’ or ‘im’ at the beginning indicates the absence of what is to follow.
Similar to having ‘a’ at the beginning of a word in Sanskrit.
Himsà: Injury, harm.
Ahimsà: Non violence. The absence of himsà
Dharma: “… duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and ‘‘right way of living’…” Wikepedia
Adharma: The absence of dharma

I think of impermanence and the little i know of Buddhist teachings.
How to be with, and sit, in uncertainty? To be still, allowing for it to exist?
To remember it is non-static, that i move through it, or it through me.
My future is a strand of uncertain and impermanent moments, leading to my final passing.
I forget because somehow my brain got locked in a static belief of certainty and permanence, inviting the gate to my fears and suffering to swing open.

I long to come back to presence, to hold myself in gentle understanding, compassion and acceptance of my humanness, of how i got here.

I want to be reminded time and time again that i find freedom in letting go, allowing, and being in the absence of certainty and permanence.

September 10, 2015
Writing 101

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  1. Thank you Hariod for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy hearing “Why should i care what thought thinks?” All i can do in the moment is smile. Such a wonderful question. This resonates in line with once i name the thought the present moment is gone…. Can i watch the thought go by without naming it????? At times, very fleeting moments, yes. Nano seconds. A space that has no name. It just is.


  2. I understand that this is intensely personal Arati, and yet as comments are currently open, thought I might place myself in the shoes of the subject, so to speak, and see what possible responses I had to my own investigative reflections:

    “I long to come back to presence” – Is it this very longing that blocks its apprehending? How can I ever not ‘be here’, and not be ‘in the moment’? I am always here and now, yet thinking alone would have it otherwise. Why should I care what thought thinks?

    “How to be with, and sit, in uncertainty?” – I detect an irony in my question, as not only do I see uncertainty as an object, I allow it to subsume myself as subject too! I remember those words of long ago – ‘just sit’ – and how very hard it is to do. Why complicate it looking for a certainty I know can never be found?

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