You Said What?

Plane announcement before leaving the gate:
Bad weather ahead
We have too much weight
We may need to ask 2 people to get off.
Huh? Come again
Who? How? Weight profiling?
What about their bags?
Isn’t there a rule about that?
Staying at the gate for 20+mins.
Engines running.
We’re cleared to go.
Was this the solution?
What about the environment?
No information given
Don’t tell, don’t ask
And no getting off!
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  1. Now that you mention it, I think they probably did.


    • Who knows? We sat for such a long time in the plane by the gate with the engines running. I felt very concerned about the smell of the jet fuel fumes getting sucked into the cabin via the ventilation system and I mourned the impact this moment was having on our environment. Since in the end no one was asked to get off the plane I was left wondering if the amount of fuel that got burnt up while the plane was idling was enough to make the weight difference.

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      • I meant, did they offer passengers cash to leave the aircraft? I’ve had that myself about 20 years ago on a flight from Heathrow (London) to JFK. I got off for £200 plus overnight accommodation and a guaranteed flight the next morning, all of which suited me fine.

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