Dancing Oaks

El Baile de los Robles
La Danse des Chênes

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  1. Hi Hariod, I took the videos with an iPhone 6S. It’s easy and I pretty much always have it on me when I’m out and about. I agree about the mic and find it challenging.
    Thank you for your feedback. I find it very helpful. Next time I will try plugging in my earbuds that have a mic which might be easier to cover with my hand and still get the sound of the rustling leaves…..
    Wishing you inspiration, creativity and fun with you new movie camera. I look forward to seeing/hearing some footage


  2. Sensational! I just bought a movie camera to do this very sort of thing. I need an external mic. with a windshield so as to give the rustling leaves and clacking branches the space they need in the audio spectrum. How are you shooting these, Arati, with a phone or a camera?

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