Wordless Wednesday

Path Japanese Garden

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  1. A lovely, serene scene, Arati, and I really like the fence and y-shaped tree in particular. 🙂

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    • Hello Hariod,
      Thank’s for letting me know you like the fence and the y-shaped tree. I never know what part of a photo is most going to capture someone’s attention. Speak to them. I know where my eye goes, where it enters the scene, how it travels around the image and I delight in hearing how it is for others.
      How’s it going for you with your camera? Are you enjoying it?
      Wishing you well my friend,

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      • The camera’s excellent (well remembered!), and producing results beyond my expectations. The thing is, it’s nothing to do with me. 🙂 I’m keeping the ‘idiot’ mode switched on, and frankly, don’t see much point in not doing so. I daresay in time I’ll explore the features, or some of them – but the manual is 360 pages long! o_O

        Wishing you well too, Arati, with metta,


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        • I’m chuckling as I read this. 360 pages, wow! It sounds like what you are doing is working and you are very much enjoying the results. I look forward to seeing some of your photos whenever you want to post them. 🙂

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