Chicago Airport

Version 2

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

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  1. I do not like iPhones (and now we are probably enemies for life…) but I can acknowledge a beautiful photo!

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  2. I was either in a different terminal or my eyes didn’t see or my memory’s gone! This is beautiful.

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    • I am glad you like it Karuna.
      This terminal is way out in the boonies. It took forever to get there. I was on my way to Toronto and the plane from Chicago was a small one, not much more than a ‘puddle jumper’. My flights were on time, seems like an anomaly these days, and I’m glad I took the time to walk instead of taking the train between terminals. Because I had a sense of spaciousness about time I was more present for my surroundings and it seemed like suddenly I noticed that I had walked into this amazing corridor. I am so glad I heard and listened to my photographer’s voice telling me to stop, look and take pictures. From the style it looks like this corridor might be part of the original airport, sometime in the 50’s maybe?
      This is is one of the things I love most about the iPhone camera. It was so easy for me to access it in my fanny pack and without missing a beat start clicking. Easy as pie!

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