Dahlia - Abundant saturation-1432



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  1. Such a vibrant energy emanating from these flowers. I was so happy to see all the stages of development in this capture. Wondrous red to enhance your living space. ❀

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    • Yes the richness of these dahlias has definitely enhanced my living space. It’s been a couple of weeks since I took the photo and now the flowers are all in full bloom with some of them fading. The cycle continues.

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  2. WOW! I love this photo! So rich and colorful. Love your words — abundant saturation — that really names it precisely! Gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with me. They lift me up!


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  3. Beautiful red, gorgeous!!

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  4. Another great photo. Amazing dahlias! It looks like your balcony…? Did you grow dahlias on your balcony?

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  5. I feel like I can reach out and touch those gorgeous blooms.

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  6. Oh la la … ils sont trop beau, les fleurs! I need exactly that in my window boxes right now – that exuberant, joyous display of floral delight

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