Sunset reflected in the East: a fire in Yolo County – 7/1/18

July brings
scorching heat
high winds

A fire burning in Yolo County

A monster they call it
32,500 acres
two percent contained

Fifty miles south in Berkeley
cars speckled with white ash
greet the morning light

Mandatory evacuation orders have been given
yet some won’t leave their farms and ranches
certainly not the animals

Wasn’t it just yesterday?


Fiery Sunset from Yolo county-2164



Fiery Sunset from Yolo county-2163




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  1. The Fire season has started incredibly early this year it seems. Scary to think of what awaits us. Excellent photos.

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  2. wow – thank you, Arati



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  3. How awful! I pray for steady rain, calm winds and the safety of firefighters and residents.

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  4. oh no! I hope the fire is contained soon.

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  5. Nature has been playing with her fire fingers very regularly recently … I wonder when the end will come and I have no concept of how awful it must be for those affected. Again.

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    • A lot of folks have ptsd. I hope they are getting support. Today the fire has spread exponentially and the lilght where I live has that eerie smoky glow! πŸ™

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      • I really and truly hope they are getting help … unattended, as you know, PTSD can have dreadful consequences in the long term. I really am so dreadfully sorry, dreadfully helpless. It’s hard to remark without feeling that one is just uttering platitudes but my heart hurts with the wretched soreness of burned insides. Truly. Go gently all of you and if you come upon anything tangible that a woman in New England feeling limbless can do then holler loud my way πŸ™

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  6. So frightening and becoming so frequent it seems.

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