Cooling off in Lake Ontario

For more than ten years I have been going every July to Ontario, Canada, for a retreat with Amma. Some years the weather feels cool which I thoroughly enjoy coming from California, and yet much to my surprise, there are often times when the temperature feels similar to where I live… hot.

2017 and 2018 were a couple of these hotter years! On both occasions I made my way down to Lake Ontario with the hope of cooling off and it worked!


Me Lake Ontario 2017-3911

Me letting the coolness of the lake creep up in 2017


Andrew Lake Ontario 2018-5061

My son, Andrew, going for it in 2018


Canadian Goose Lake Ontario

A local showing me how it’s done and inviting me to join… maybe next year!

Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: Cooling

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  1. Love the look of the water with pebbles and rocks. Very cooling effect. 🙂

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  2. Yes indeed…lake life. A breath of fresh air, cooler temps, and gosh I love the photo of the feet in the water.

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  3. As an Ontarian, I can definitely vouch for the fact that this summer has been a scorcher. I love the reflection of the sparkling sun in your first photo.

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  4. Just being by water in the heat cools the soul … stepping in cools the body too!

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  5. Nothing beats cooling feet in clear waters. Especially immersed in soft, smoothly shaped stones.

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  6. The lake is beautiful with its soothing blue colour.

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  7. LOL for your local invitation 😊. Enjoyed your cooling photos!

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