O’Hare… passing through once again

Ceiling O'Hare Terminal B-5013





Ceiling O'Hare Terminal B-5014


The construction of Terminal 1, the ‘United’ Terminal, was started in 1987. Designed by Helmut Jahn, this glass and aluminum complex includes two buildings – Concourse A and B – connected by an underground walkway featuring a 744-foot flashing neon sculpture, galactic synthesizer music and moving sidewalks. The 85-acre facility — which would include 42 gates upon its completion in December 1988 — also includes a $38 million, computerized baggage-handling system that can process 480 bags a minute.


You can see 3 images of the flashing neon walkway on a previous post

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  1. Another wonderful photo of O’Hare. Love the concentric arches. 🙂

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  2. Your image is redolent of a vast jet turbine which is somewhat appropriate!

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