Exile w 3

In stillness
and humbled by the
vastness of a
cloudy sky

I watch her appear
skipping and turning
black hair and bright colors
vibrant in the stormy landscape

parents close by
watch over
the playful dance


she looks out
toward trees and sky

                        in this country

                                         another brown child

                                  toddlers in diapers

now in cages




                                         broken hearts







Summer 2018

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  1. This picture is so dramatic both in terms of color and theme. Nice shot!

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  2. What a heartbreaking and beautiful poem. I love the photo too.

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  3. Thoughts I share with you that are so heart wrenching. Beautifully expressed.

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  4. So sad that this happened and may still be happening. So wrong. Great poem.

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  5. Interesting photo editing, creating a visual story of a young girl walking into the distance of an unknown, stormy future. What is happening concerning basic human rights is incomprehensible. 😦 Very powerful post, Arati.

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  6. Powerful post Arati.

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    • Thank you so much. This one means a lot to me. The thoughts, images and words have been laying just below the surface all summer. Finally a couple of days ago they coalesced into something tangible that I could work with.

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